About Us

RabbitPal.com is dedicated to all the rabbits waiting to be adopted out into a loving and caring home and will try to promote adopting a rabbit from an animal rescue center because they deserve a second chance.

For every pet you buy from a pet store or breeder, a pet in a shelter is euthanized. Unfortunately, that is the simple math. Shelters are overflowing with unwanted and discarded pets and there are only so many homes for bunnies. Even most of the rabbits that were purchased will end up in shelters and eventually will be killed themselves.

Why adopt a rabbit from a rabbit or animal shelter?

Because it is so rewarding to rehome a rabbit from an animal shelter:
- you are saving a life, and giving a bunny a chance at happiness again
- you are creating the space to rescue yet another rabbit that desperately needs proper care and shelter

But also because
- most adoptable rabbits have already gone through their hormonal changes
- their behavior is already known and more consistent than when they are growing babies
- most adoptable bunnies are already spayed or neutered and so are far less inclined to behavioral problems

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Pet ownership comes with responsibilities. Are you ready to make the commitment?