Worldwide rabbit related websites

Here you can find health & care information with regard to rabbits.
Also links to rabbit foundations and discussion groups are provided.

Only forums/discussionsgroup which seem to be active, will be added to underneath list.

Rabbit Health & Care Information

(AUS) - Boing
BOING provides information and shares knowledge on the fascination and joy of sharing a household with companion rabbits.

(NL) - Konijnen
De konijnensite van Nederland met uitgebreide informatie en adviezen

Bunny Rabbit World View
A place to encourage people to become bunny rabbit owners by providing the necessary information needed in an accurate and personal format

Fuzzy-Rabbit was created to help people understand rabbits

My House
My House Rabbit is dedicated to celebrating house rabbits and providing useful articles that cover rabbit care, behavior, health, and general rabbit information

Rabbit References
o.a. huge Health & Medicine information

RabbitWise Inc.
Here you will find connections to everything rabbit nationwide and specific information for the metropolitan Washington, DC area (the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia)

Rabbits n Bunnies
A complete rabbit care guide.
This website provides information for anyone wanting to learn about clicker training and its application to small pets.

Rabbit Foundations

(A) - KaninchenHilfe  (Austria - Switzerland - Germany)
Verein fuer Kaninchen hilfe in Osterreich, der Schweiz und Deutschland.

(CAN) - Ontario Rabbit Education Organization
A registered non-profit organization, established to promote the health and well-being of domestic rabbits in Ontario.

(ESP) - Asociacion Nacional de Amigos del Conejo

(GER) - Tierschutzverein BunnyHilfe e.V.
Ein Tierschutzverein, der es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, sich speziell den Kaninchen zu widmen. Mit unserer Website wollen wir Kaninchen und Haltern helfen.

(NL) - KonijnenBelangen
Het bevorderen van het welzijn van en vergroten van kennis over konijnen die als huisdier of anderszins gehouden worden en begrip te kweken voor het karakter van dit dier.

(UK) - Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund
Working to improve the lives of domestic rabbits across the UK through education and communication by making people realise that rabbits are intelligent creatures that need space, exercise, companionship and stimulation and are not to be bought on a whim

(USA) - House Rabbit Society
An international nonprofit organization that rescues rabbits from animal shelters and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior.

Rabbit forums / discussion groups

(UK) - A Golden Bunnies Forum
Golden Bunnies UK is a growing rabbit forum dedicated to the average rabbit owner

(USA) - RabbitsOnline
One of the largest, most informative and friendliest Rabbit Forums on the Net

(NL) - KonijnenGroep
Deze groep is bedoeld om informatie, ervaringen en feiten uit te wisselen over konijnen als huisdier. Gezondheid en het welzijn van de konijnen is daarbij het belangrijkste punt.

Rabbit holiday options

Hoppity Hotel - Herefore (UK)
Care for your rabbit or guinea pig or small pet whilst youre not there